Greasy Kulture Magazine #12


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Greasy Kulture is the digest-sized magazine with dirt
under its fingernails! It’s all about bare bones, traditional,
no-frills choppers and hot rods — and the world they inhabit.
Greasy Kulture favors the home-built over the shop-built, the greasy
stuff over the show stuff. All Color.

John Edwards graces the new issues cover, with his re-styled Pan,
and the story of why he made the changes and where he picked up his
impeccable influences. Theres also Nates Ice Queen FL, another
standout chopper from the past year, as well as two of the nicest
Triumph choppers weve seen in a while, one from the States (Andrew
Lindloff), one from Oz (Bart Verducci).

What else? An E-type-Jag-powered trad dragster (yes, really), a
profile of ace lensman Josh Kurpius; a look round Bennys Boneshaker
Choppers; a talk to Rowan Manners who was chopping back in the 70s
when I was still watching Dr Who; Hajimes ultra-cool FL from Tokyo;
a shovel and an ironhead owned and built by two friends from South
Wales. and first coverage of the great Born-Free show, with photos
by the equally great Scott Pommier.

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